blanket fort

Helpers for Hire

An eight-year-old's work can inspire anyone of any age

by Cindy Myska, therapist and mother of two

I am a Helper. I help. 

At eight years old, my son formed a work club.

Helpers for Hire,” he wrote on the brochure. “Five eight- or nine-year-old boys, $1.50 per hour per boy. Will help with anything, cleaning rooms, mowing, or will design and build a fort for you with our dads’ help.”

That’s me. A helper, just like my son, only with mental things, thoughts and beliefs. I help people sort out, throw away stuff, keep some. I help people go through their stuff and look at it. We look at what the stuff meant when they got it, and what it means now. I help them figure out what they want to keep and what they want to throw away. 

I can help architect a fort too, an amalgamation of physical blankets or metaphysical thoughts, that's a safe place to play.

Image:  Some rights reserved by sffoghorn

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