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For the Ladies: Fall Beauty Trends 2013

Updating your makeup will give you a happiness boost!

Sure, there are a few fellas out there who like to wear makeup, so you guys can tune in too! New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has come and gone and with it, the seasons have changed. It’s no longer summer, so fall beauty is in full effect. The top three beauty trends for women in fall 2013? Bold but simple eyes, matte faces, and dark lips. Read on for more.

Bold But Simple Drama

The key to eyes this fall is picking one way to highlight the eyes whether shadow or eyeliner, but not both. Metallic eye shadows in plum, turquoise, and crimson are tops for shadows, while eyeliner is bold and graphic. Think extending the eyeliner wing or using bold straight lines instead of a curved wing for a futuristic effect. If you must do both, keep eyeliner thin to create a more natural definition.

Matte Magic

With less hot sun around to give you that “glisten”,  it’s easier to keep your face matte. A new tip: look into applying your foundation with a sponge, as it helps give you a matte, smooth finish to your skin. This season is a great time to pick up a make-up finishing powder, which creates a porcelain effect that’s all matte. Do contour your face with highlighter and a bit of bronzer to avoid taking the trend too literally.

Choose Your Own Adventure Dark

Lastly, this season is all about the dark lip. From bright red to deep rose, wine stained to purple-plum, there’s a shade for every lip that’s anything but shy. Use a satin finish for the right about shine with the rest of your look.

It’s fun and a happiness boost to update your makeup looks with the season, so give one—or all three—of these fall 2013 beauty trends a try!


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