10 Things to Get Rid Of If You Want to Be Happy (Plus 10 Things to Get!)

Happiness is just ten things away

You Gotta Get Rid Of ... to be happy:

  1. clothes you haven't worn in a year
  2. kitchen gadgets you haven't used in a year
  3. old food in the refrigerator
  4. any item that makes you feel guilty—unused 3-lb dumbbells, bulk protein powder, crochet needles you haven't learned how to use
  5. uncomfortable shoes
  6. tchotchkes with dust on them ... if you haven't picked them up and savored the memory in long enough for dust to accumulate, you don't need the physical reminder
  7. hobbies you do for someone else (think a book club you feel obligated to stay in)
  8. money or time: donate to others
  9. the sleep button on your alarm
  10. friendships that don't work for you anymore

You Gotta Get ... to be happy:

  1. your favorite articles of clothing
  2. healthy food
  3. a yoga mat
  4. nice sheets or great pillows
  5. a pamperping treat: massage, mani/pedi (dudes too)
  6. photos, and enough storage online to hold them
  7. hobbies you love
  8. a cause you feel passionate about
  9. a morning ritual
  10. real, solid friendships

Image: Some rights reserved by imaphotog

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